(Ricardo Viteri) #1

I am getting this notice across the top:

Can someone help me out?


(Homebrew Hops) #2

2 Things.

  1. There is something missing with the localization, it should say this:

Create at least 5 public topics and 30 public posts to get discussion
started. New users cannot earn trust levels unless there’s content for
them to read. This message appears only to staff.

  1. See this post for info on getting around the issue via admin panel:
    Create 5 topics and 30 posts message

(Ricardo Viteri) #3

Hi, thanks for the reply. But how do I get it fixed? I can easily translate it.

I also have the same issue here:

on the es.dates.medium.date_month and year


(Jens Maier) #4

Go to Discourse localization, sign up with Transifex and join the translation team for your language. Then submit your translations in Transifex and patiently wait until your work gets pulled back into Discourse’s Git repo. :slight_smile:

(Ricardo Viteri) #5

Hi @elberet, I already have joined. But I need the changes to be a bit more immediate :slight_smile:

How can I get the translation on my install faster?


(Jens Maier) #6

You could simply enter your translations into Transifex and then download the translated files. Perhaps refer to pull_translations.rb to see how it’s done. And don’t forget to run bundle exec rake assets:precompile assets:clean afterwards.

However, be aware that you’ll be walking through a minefield. Unless you really know what you’re doing and have some experience with the Linux shell and wrangling services, please reconsider being patient and wait until your translations get pulled into the tests-passed branch.

(Ricardo Viteri) #7

Thanks for the tip !

(Ricardo Viteri) #8

I wonder if there is a faster way for the translation to get pulled into the tests-passed branch? I trade my time doind that instead of fiddling with the server stuff.