Too Many console Error and Blank Ads

My site has now too many console errors after Adsense ads and also the website speed has slowed down.

The 2nd thing is that there is issues of blank ads (too much)

Can anyone put some suggestion on these


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Hello there :wave:t5:

Could you give more details please? Like how did you set up your ads, have you added the needed bits to CSP?

Also, do you have any adblocker set up as you view this and what do you see when/if you try safe-mode?


Yeah, I added the HTTPS: and "unsafe-inline as instructed in the Adsense plugin.

I did everything according to the given instructions

And NO Adblocker used while taking this screenshot


Are these errors normal or poses concern to me
Kindly let me know?

Are you using some kind of ad blocker or a tracking protection plugin? Seems like is being blocked either by your browser or network.

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NO, I am not using any such things