Too many files taking up storage in docker

Yesterday I started the rebuild error after I updated my server. It was showing I didnt have enough room left to rebuild app. Clean and auto-remove helped to get it started again but then crashed last night when the backup ran.

I have an 80gb server and a 3gb site. I dont see how I can not have anything left.

It fails when I try to download the backup thru admin so I have to run it thru sftp.

I guess 2 questions I have. Vftp doesnt seem to work so I can get a faster download. If anyone has a tutorial for that with this I would appreciate it.

Where should I look for old images or files that are causing the server issues?

If the database is being upgraded to postgres 10, you need a lot more space for that particular rebuild (2x the database size).

Use SFTP with you SSH credentials.

Run either:

docker prune -a


./launcher cleanup

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For some reason nothing worked on this. I managed to get this done by making a new (same plan) server. Doing all the updates and upgrades first. Then installing discourse and uploading a backup. It wasnt ideal but it worked so I have plenty of storage space left now.