Too many options to view categories


Currently there is the ‘all categories’ drop-down list in the main menu, the ‘Categories’ entry in the main menu to view the categories, and then the categories list is also shown in the hamburger ‘go to another topic list or category’ menu.

Furthermore, this gets confusing because the ‘all categories’ list doesn’t list sub categories, while the hamburger menu does.

Perhaps add the drop-down list functionality to the ‘Categories’ menu entry, show the list from the hamburger menu and remove the ‘all categories’ list completely.

Here’s a quick mockup of this:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not a bad idea, but categories topnav is not always visible like the hamburger is. I already proposed adding a tab there


I am not suggesting that the categories list be removed from the hamburger, rather just using the same list that the hamburger displays in the ‘all categories’ menu drop-down.

Is ‘all categories’ always visible? If that’s the case, I suggest just renaming that to ‘Categories’, making it link to the categories view page, and make just the little arrow next to it display the drop-down with a (full) categories list (like the hamburger, still looking exactly like in my mockup).

Although I do like the idea of tabs for the hamburger, some people might want to hide/remove the categories list from the hamburger entirely, making the importance of the (full) quick list of categories (elsewhere) that much more important.


Another possible option would be to change “all categories” to “selected categories ([number of selected categories] or ‘all’)” and then show check-boxes next to a full list of categories (and subs! in a tree view?), which could be (un)selected to filter the main home page… (similar to un/subscribing to that category).

For example, in a scenario where the user unchecks all but 1, “selected categories (1)” would be displayed.

In any case, ‘all categories’ is a little misleading if it doesn’t actually show all of them. :sunglasses: