Top Contributer Badge missing from udacity profile

(Rohan Sharma) #1

Last month top contributor badge was their in my udacity’s profile but after udacity started updating their website that badge got removed. Can you please help me in this case.


I think you would need to speak to the Udacity admin team - they would be best placed to look at this for you.

You can find them here:

(Rohan Sharma) #3

hey @mikechristopher

they gave me this link and they said that i can get my answer over here .


I dont understand how the developers can answer why after udacitys forum was upgraded that your badge is no longer there. I dont even see an option on the udacity forum for this badge I can only see the default ones bar one.

They need to do some investigation internally first before they tell people to come here. If then they identify a bug they should raise it here rather than yourself.