/top issues as compared to /top/<interval>

(Bill Ayakatubby) #1

See below. Only happens on /top, not on /top/weekly. Resolves itself after specifically choosing any interval. No repro on try, which defaults to yearly.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think we fixed this now? Looks OK to me in Firefox.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #3

The offset is fixed, but I’m seeing some other issues. I’ll open a new topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I’d just keep them in this topic and edit the title

(Bill Ayakatubby) #5

Fair enough.

Compare my original screenshot (/top) with the new one below (/top/weekly). Notice that the zebra striping in the original is opposite (starts with white instead of gray) and there’s no chevron on the “Topic” column header–the columns aren’t sortable. This seems to imply that /top is using a different template from that of /top/<interval>, at least for the topic table.


(Régis Hanol) #6

Same issue as described here

Thought it was fixed, but it appears it isn’t :frowning:

(Jeff Atwood) #7

OK since this is a dupe I am closing it as complete (for the original issue) then.

(Jeff Atwood) #8