Top level category giving a 404

On there is a top-level category called Off-Topic that is giving me a 404 error. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this, since I can’t access that category’s settings due to the 404. Anyone know how this can be resolved?

Was “uncategorized” somehow tweaked here, and maybe renamed to Off-Topic? Is that the case, can you search in site settings and check?

If an admin is around they should be able to view the category if it is a permissions thing.

also, is allow uncategorized somehow set to false…

@codinghorror @sam both of those things were the case. Setting allow uncategorized to true fixed it. My original intention was to have a place for off-topic discussions, but I didn’t want people to be able to make topics without choosing a category to post under. Can’t hide/secure the Uncategorized category, so I figured I’d try to convert it to that functionality. Guess I’ll cross my fingers that people actually use it (and the other topics) properly! Thanks for the help.

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