Topic count on browser icon does not work

(Franz) #1

It works here, on Discourse Meta, just not on my instance ( It’s more of a slight annoyance than anything else, but it makes it hard to spot the Discourse tab in the middle of many other tabs.

  • On all browsers: Everything appears to work fine when ‘Topic count on browser icon’ is disabled.
  • Firefox & Chrome: Favicon appears briefly then disappears when ‘Topic count on browser icon’ is enabled, even though the topic count should be 0. It seems like some late JavaScript removes the icon or replaces it with a blank one regardless of the actual topic count.
  • IE 11: The favicon appears but it doesn’t carry any topic count.

In pictures, with ‘Topic count on browser icon’ enabled (look at icon in tab):



IE 11:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This means it is not a bug in Discourse, though.

(Stephen) #3

Is Meta a hosted install, or standalone?

(Franz) #4

I agree, more likely to be some kind of installation issue, like a missing external tool to generate the icon? Thinking out loud, I have no idea how you implemented that.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Maybe @techapj can repro?

I am glad we found the root bug, we should not have been serving a blank 16x16 favicon.ico file that was real bad. This, however, is some other issue about a rarely used feature that has to be enabled per user.