Topic date, Date Range , vertical scroll slider etc


Hi All,

A few questions if I may:

  1. Post date: does anyone know why the date when a topic is created is different when viewed by different users? is the date determined by the user’s local computer clock or determined by my forum’s server?

I created a topic on Dec 31, 2016 but one of my site’s users said the topic was shown as created on Jan 1, 2017 on his screen.

  1. Date Range: is there a way to specify a date range so that I can see all topics that fall within this rage? I could only find show topics BEFORE a certain date and AFTER a certain date, but I couldn’t find a specifc “start and end” range.

  2. view ALL users - how can admin view all registered users? I can only see the option to view Active or New or Staff etc, but what if admin wants to view ALL users registered in the forum?

  3. Hide the vertical scroll slider - can someone show me the CSS code or any other ways to hide the vertical scroll slider in desktop view? I only want the code to hide the vertical scroll slider in desktop view only and leave the mobile view unaffected.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Many thanks in advance.


It appears that the DATE when a topic is created is determined by the user’s local computer settings.

I created a topic on “Dec 31, '16 10:17 PM” and my site’s user who is in Asia said it is showing on his screeen as created on “Jan 1, 8:47 AM” , 10 hrs 30 mins ahead of me.

Incidentally his local time zone is also 10 hrs 30 mins ahead of me.

Is there a way for admin to standardize the date & time when a topic is created so that all users are looking at the same date&time that is determined by forum server?


(Mittineague) #3

Are you sure you want this?

Do you think it would be better for users to see “future” times? eg.
Post created “22:30” but for me it’s still only “14:30”

(Eli the Bearded) #4

It seems like it would be perfectly natural for me if a forum did that, so long as the dates and times all included a timezone. E.g. when I get bugzilla mail, it shows me comment times in the ‘+0000’ timezone, so I’ve got mail for Monday even though it is still Sunday (by one minute) here.

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 04:30:03 +0000

(Marco) #5

I tried this in the search field:

before:2017-02-28 after:2017-02-01

And it worked as expected.

(Graham Perrin) #6

Potential for great confusion. YMMV.

Primarily I like to see my zone.

If pointing at (hovering over) a date stamp could reveal both a local time stamp and the time stamp of the author’s zone (labelled appropriately), that could be useful, however  …

… I imagine that some people might resist such fine-grained presentation of metadata.