Topic embedding - refresh

(phil) #1

I wish I could refresh the content of the automated topic embedding.

I see there is an admin button that says ‘rebuild HTML’ it would be great to have that button do just that.

I explain:

  • I post a new article on my blog
  • discourse embed the article and create a new topic via the embedding ‘call’
  • this is great my user can now see the post nicely BUT… what if I update my article on the blog …

I wish I could do something to ask or a refresh of the embed post. I understand that I could edit the post manually but the embedding does a great job making it nice and readable, it is much harder and slower to do this by hand :wink:

let me know if there is a command line or something where I can purge topics …

this ties up to my other thread where I ask how to delete definitely topics. because that could be a solution, delete the topic and wait for discourse to redo the embedding. Only problem is that deleting topics do not delete them completely form the db and the embedding does’t happen again…

Any way to ‘redo’ the embedding would be handy as I am playing with Discourse embedding setting, and especially the ‘embed whitelist selector’ variable.