Topic flags can't be denied/disagreed

(Tom) #1

I’m not sure if this has been an issue just on one discourse forum I moderate on, or if this is happening to more sites. Anyway the issue is that I can’t remove/deny/disagree a flagged topic. I can ignore/defer or accept/agree it no problem, just the disagree button doesn’t seem to work. The flag looks like it disappears but if you reload the page it’s back.
Flagged posts don’t cause the same issue. They can be agreed/disagreed/ignored all fine. It’s only on flagged topics (/the OP of a topic) which has this weird bug.

This doesn’t seem to happen on my own site (I’m an admin on there so maybe that overrides it), but trying this out on a forum where I’m a moderator gives me this problem.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are you on the absolute latest 1.9 version? Make sure you are. Check the actual github commit hash to be sure, not just the beta number.

(Tom) #3

This is the only thing I’ve got access to:


Hope that’s enough for you.
So it’s obviously not the latest version, probably that’s the issue. Though I can’t upgrade it myself, will have to wait for the admins to do that.