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Ha, of course NOW it works :facepalm:


Hi Robert, just wanted to flag a bug with the new loading slider bar - if you go to a topic and try to go back to the home page (by clicking the logo for example), the opacity of body.loading #main-outlet remains 0.2. I think something from TLP is conflicting with the change David made for the fade out here:

This only affects the plugin, not the TC


Thanks for the report: given that is itself a discretionary TC and in some flux at the moment, I’ll hold off on any changes. Once it stabilises (and especially if it’s merged into core) I’ll see if I can make sure it’s supported.


It would appear that this plugin is breaking my forum for people using iOS. I have disabled and re-enabled all plugins on my site and this one was the only one causing problems. If there’s any info you need, please let me know.

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You are outside the monthly support period (1st - 5th of each month as per the support policy linked in OP), but I’ll see if I can repro.

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Cannot repro on latest, working fine for me on iPhone 11 and iPad mini, iOS 14.

Take a look, e.g. :

Another site with the TC is also working fine on iOS.

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Apologies. Been awhile since I’ve been here and been awhile since I read this topic.

Thanks for replying.

Not sure what to say. My site was unusable on my iPad pro (iOS 14.4l and I had many users with a variety of different Apple devices that couldn’t click anything on the site.

As I said, I disabled all plugins and reenabled them one by one, then turned it off and did the next one. The only one that was causing issues was this one. And it’s a very popular feature, BTW.

Don’t believe it’s an issue with TLP. It’s working on more than one apple device for me. A JavaScript issue with another plugin or Theme Component might break TLP. Check for errors on your JavaScript console on a desktop browser.


Cheers. I appreciate the tip.


User Poll - have your say

@david has just released a new native way of selecting the thumbnail from the OP, see: Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component - #126 by david

This should be compatible with the TLP TC immediately.

However, as you know, both in the Plugin and the TC Sidecar there is a Thumbnail Selector, which not only allows you to select the thumbnail from the OP but any post within a Topic.

I’d like to retire the Thumbnail Selector from TLP if possible, but it depends on how people are using this feature in TLP, so here goes a poll:

TLP Thumbnail Selector
  • We rarely if ever use this feature/it’s not critical to our site, we just use the default thumbnail
  • We use it regularly but almost always select an image from the OP
  • We use it regularly and often select images from Posts beyond the OP

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Hello ! Just updates 5 commits late and… can’t find a way to remove ‘Featured’ from mobile (was used to laptop only). Or maybe it was just a CSS line I lost ?

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Yeah, there’s only a global switch, you’ll need to experiment with CSS to hide them.

Something like:

.mobile-view .tlp-featured-topics {
  display: none;


Feel free to dig out your browser inspector and experiment. If you find a working solution post it here.


I guess that’s the solution I had used.

btw, is there any way to sent ‘topic list featured images count’ (and size) to different values on media used ? My 8 135x135 give a pretty terrible 2-2.5 images on phone. I’ll sent to 0 but would love to display 4 smaller ones on phone…


I have just found out that including “suggested” in “topic list action” can cause problem to the page. :thinking:

In Chrome inspector, it show error in console.


When I add “suggested” in “topic list action”, the google ads won’t show up, unless I refresh the page.

Also sometimes clicking on the suggested topics, the suggested topic load to the bottom of the page (below all the reply), which should never happen normally. Refresh the page fix the problem.

Now I remove “suggested” in “topic list action”, all the problem gone away. :partying_face:


Ooop, probably should remove support for that, thanks!


Unfortunately not but if you size them right you should be able to get that effect? We might simply add a device sizing option to kill two birds. Feature request link in the OP.

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Hey Rob, I don’t know if anyone else is using the low data mode anymore, but since we moved to the TC I don’t think this is needed anymore. What I’ve done is to install the TC twice and have a different theme for low bandwidth that has the thumbnails at a much lower resolution, which of course works better than low data mode because it works on any screen.


Ha! Great workaround! We could have thought of that before! :slight_smile:

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I think you put that in when it was just the plugin, I devised this as soon as the TC came out!