Topic List Previews


Looks fine in chrome.

(Pad Pors) #387

:frowning: it’s not working on my chrome and another users.

the chrome is update. any clue?

(Mittineague) #388

This is what I see with Chrome latest just now.

browser addon conflict?

(Jay Pfaffman) #389

Have you any custom CSS? That’s my guess.

(Chris Beach) #390

I’ve had reports from two members of my forum that Internet Explorer users are seeing a blank page when visiting. The most recent report was an IE11 user. They’ve had success in other browsers

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #391

Not a bug, Meta (and many other) sites run just fine in IE. I’m seeing the following in the console when I try to load your site, perhaps this can point you in the correct direction.

SCRIPT5009: 'Promise' is undefined
application-8aa7ee1cc285990884193f46eae9fff86410d025c74c7e4b09c47801b079be96.js (64,2685)

(Pad Pors) #392

yes, when I deactivate adblock plus addon in the desktop chrome, things goes back to normal; and it seems posts are considered advertisements when I use social UI.

but on the mobile chrome, no addon is installed, and I didn’t understand what’s wrong .

(David) #393

@Angus Another ask for this.:slight_smile:

Can we also have this carry over to mobile so it is not all or nothing as it is now for topic list and social media? So be able to have one or more categories with topic list preview, one or more categories with social media, and the rest with default layout.

(Angus McLeod) #394

I’m on a trip for work this week, so I don’t have much time to work on this right now.

@doserved @meglio Yes we can make it category specific. @pmusaraj has a current PR I’m reviewing that does something similar.

@ChrisBeach @Pad_Pors At first glance, I’m not sure that TLP is causing the issues you’re describing, however I’ll take a look next week.

(Chris Beach) #395

I think the problem lies here:

(Anton) #396

Here is another option:

Add a new item in the message wrench menu:
Choose which image to use in topic preview mode

Once clicked, a dialog box with all message images listed will appear. Clicking on an image would make it the image for preview. Alternatively, cancel with using the “Cancel” button.

Also, in the per-topic wrench menu you might want to add a Reset image in topic preview mode.

(Angus McLeod) #397

Just merged @pmusaraj’s PR which adds two settings:

  • topic list social media only latest: Only apply social media style to the Latest Topics Discovery.
  • topic list social media only latest disable thumbnails: Disable thumbnails in non-latest discovery when ‘topic list social media only latest’ is on.


(Angus McLeod) #398

Just merged @ChrisBeach’s PR which converts the client-side image tester to a IE compatible callback function (rather than a promise)



When I enable social media discovery mode the old topics which have image attached dosent show image as featured. Whats wrong?

(Pad Pors) #400

you should edit and save-edit those topics, in order to update their thumbnail.

(taylorchu) #401

I hope there is an option to directly hot-link images in a post as thumbnails.


Good point. I think they should link to post by default. @angus i can roll this into a PR if you agree.

(jpkh) #403

@angus have you noticed that images are not shown if you are not logged in? Is this by accident or intentionally?

if intentionally, could it be as on option in category settings? To show or not to show for anonymous users…

(jpkh) #404

Hmm looks like images arrived after “excerpts” was activated. So there still might be something on logic.

(Pad Pors) #405

a minor issue:

“last visit” get half buried behind posts.