Topic List Previews

(Nam Nguyen) #507

Hi @angus,

Thumbnail didn’t work on mobile

(Angus McLeod) #508

I just merged @fantasticfears’s performance (and other) improvements!

Load time is considerably reduced. Thanks to @fantasticfears and to @kam44 for supporting his work.

Please help: My Discourse got really slow due to Topic Preview plugin
(Angus McLeod) #509

Yes, this is partly a core issue coming out of the Ember upgrade. When my PR to core is accepted, this will work again.


Hi @angus. I have also found that when TLP is enabled the mobile view of our Discourse instance is entirely broken - nothing appears in the topic listings at all. This is both on device and when simulated in Chrome.

Inspecting the source code shows that the <tr></tr> rows for the topics are present, but they contain no content. The buttons (e.g. Latest drop down menu, New Topic) also do not work.

When TLP is disabled (i.e. commented out in the app.yml file) the topic listing returns to normal. Is this also related to the Ember upgrade issues?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Nam Nguyen) #511

Me too, I have the same problem like this

(Angus McLeod) #512

@Nam_Nguyen @skoota My PR was recently merged into discourse/discourse. Please update to the latest version and check again.


I pulled the latest Discourse from GitHub into my development instance this morning, but unfortunately it hasn’t fixed the problem. Still the same issue as described above. I am fairly certain it’s not to do with my particular instance, as it occurs on both my production instance and local development instance (which are completely separate).

Thanks for looking into this, if you need any additional information just let me know.

(Angus McLeod) #514

Ok. I’m currently traveling. I’ll take a look at this again at the next available opportunity.

(Pad Pors) #515

This is out of the scope of this plugin, but since it gets meaning with the list previews plugin, I added it here:

how would it be to have empty space for “create new topic” rather than a button? something like this:

reason: the create topic button doesn’t seem visible/accesible enough, especially after adding more images and texts to the topic list using the preview plugin.

the empty space can even be repeated once a while in the topic list! so that even when the user go down the list, he still has the change to see the create-topic space.

(Pad Pors) #516

after an update, this happened to our forum :

all the previously uploaded image are out of the window :frowning:

I can handle it by one by one re-uploading them, but there are thousands of them :fearful:

update: it has gone after mozilla update.

(Pad Pors) #517

is there a way to activate the social preview on category page as well?

(Angus McLeod) #518

Yes, in Category Settings > Settings. Are you still experiencing the issue described in your previous post?

(Vincent) #519


I’m running a media-heavy Discourse, and tried using your plugin to display thumbnails on topic lists.
It doesn’t seem to try autofetching an image from oneboxes in threads.

On my board, the usual thread typically contains a few words followed by a youtube/bandcamp/soundcloud link (automatically converted to oneboxes).
It would be awesome if your plugin created thumbnails from these links.

I don’t know if it would be possible to add a feature like this, but oh well let’s ask :slight_smile:

(Pad Pors) #520

no, it has gone after Mozilla upgrade. sorry for the late update!

no I mean for the latest list in the category page, e.g. Categories - Discourse Meta .


Would using the first image from the “Solution” post as the thumbnail be a hard feature to add? Or is this an existing option that I have missed?


Hi @angus. I’ve been trying to take a stab at substituting a solution’s thumbnail for the topic’s thumbnail, but I’ve had trouble landing my byebug in the correct places. I’ve tried to put a byebug at the beginning of this method

but it never stops the code execution at this point. Moreover, whenever I try to examine a topic which does indeed render a thumbnail in rails console, it does not have the custom_field thumbnails, which is odd to me given that it is registered here:

Am I overlooking something crucial in how the plugin renders thumbnails? I will take another look at my dev setup if you think I should see these things.

(Nam Nguyen) #523

Hi @angus

I have stupid hope that if you can bring back thumbnails and excerpts for Suggest topics soon :smiley:

Thank you :blush:

(Tobias Eigen) #524

that is a sweet idea! would love to see it implemented.


I’ll work on it with some guidance from @angus. :yey:


Hey everyone, fan and user of the Topic List Preview plugin here but just ran into my first issue…The preview images and details have disappeared after DiscourseHosting upgraded my Discourse instance to 1.7.1. I emailed them about it and they said they do not see any cause for the issue…The TLP plugin is currently enabled according to Discourse.

Has anyone experienced this same issue? Any idea on how to restore the previews?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!