Topic list rendering is wrong with third-party plugin and latest version?

(Thorben Egberts) #1

With the latest release (v1.6.0.beta4) there seems to be a problem with the topic list?

Here my local installation with v1.6.0.beta4:

However, the problem does not occur on the latest master commit (currently 628773258e244f924823662c141c2381f8b0b79d):

You can also reproduce it on our hosted instance “” which has the v1.6.0.beta4 deployed.

I am also using the Topic List Preview Plug-in which seems also to be broken on v1.6.0.beta4.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Turn off your broken plugin to reduce the broken-ness…

(Angus McLeod) #3

@thorbenegberts The latest code on master made a change to a helper I was using for Topic Previews, so I updated accordingly.

But that change is not in the latest ‘release’.

I’ve reverted that commit, so the Topic Previews plugin will work with the latest code release.

I guess it is better to support ‘releases’ instead of the latest commit on master…

Topic List Previews
(Sam Saffron) #4

I went ahead @thorbenegberts and removed the plugin from plentymarkets. @eviltrout is in the midst of a large amount of deprecations so its a bit of cat-and-mouse here.

Let’s look at installing the plugin again in 14 days, remind me.