Topic listing infinite scrolling not working with Android tablets?

(ljpp) #1

We are getting reports on infinite scrolling not working on topic listing, but the scenario is kind of odd. The reason I am not opening this thread on the Bug category is that the issue might be elsewhere. We have multiple reports on different devices so this is not an user error.

Problem: Infinite scrolling not working on topic listining. Does not load more topics when scrolling down.
Impacted devices: Android tablets with latest Chrome, but not Android phones. We have reports for Nexus 7 (2012), Galaxt Tab A (2016) and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact.
Impacted browsers: It looks like that only Chrome is impacted. Seems to work with Opera and Firefox, with the app versions of today.
Discourse: We run 1.8 stable branch. It seems that the issues is not a repro here, with the 1.9 dev branch.

Any ideas, anyone? Did not find any clues by searching.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Is there any chance you could upgrade to the latest beta version?

(ljpp) #3

We aim to minimize downtime and platform volatility. We are a sports forum (ice hockey) and the season has started on this side of the pond. So, not for this issue as it is not catastrophic - Android tablets represent only a few % of the traffic.

Also this could be yet another Chrome issue.

(ljpp) #4

I have another theory - this could be linked to the AdPlugin and namely the responsive ads. I switched to AdSense responsive a while ago, and the reports have landed recently. Also I have another site running 1.8 stable, but it uses static ad sizes and I cannot repro the issue there.

Ping @neil - we could be up to something here.

(Neil Lalonde) #5

Why do you think it’s responsive ads? Are the ads on Android tablets the wrong sizes? Or cover up the list?

(ljpp) #6

Ruling out the possibilities. This is a pretty good guess. Can you point me to another site, one that uses the plugin and responsive ads?

(ljpp) #7

@neil This may have been a false alarm - I enabled responsive ads on another side and the issue is not immediately reproduced there. The test environments are slightly different though, so this is only 90% conclusive.

Am I really the only one to see this? It looks like I need to start debugging our slightly customized UI.

I would greatly appreciate links to Discourse instances that have responsive AdSense ads enabled.

(Neil Lalonde) #8

There’s only one other person who responded in the topic, so that may be the only other person using them. I don’t know who’s using it.

(ljpp) #9

This is a fantastic improvement. Easier implementation and it even improves the yields. Fixes scaling issues on certain small screen hardware. Everyone should use it.

Calling out for @ked - I am on a bug hunt here. Could you share the link to your site? Have you seen this kind of issues yourself?

(ljpp) #10

We just upgraded to 1.9.1 stable and users are still able to reproduce this.

Testing continues…