Topic pages have extra margin below html/body tags

(Brentley Jones) #1

I’m themeing my discourse instance with a background image and I noticed that there is a weirdness happening on the topic pages. There is some extra margin at the very bottom of the screen.

(Brentley Jones) #2

Any CSS/javascript gurus know what’s happening here? It looks pretty ugly over on my instance. A user even pointed it out :disappointed:

(Brentley Jones) #4

Not so sure. #list-area is on the topic-list, not on the topic screen. The topic list doesn’t have an issue, it’s the topic screen which has the issue.

And the 300px margin on the topic list renders just fine, background all the way down:

(Stephan) #5

It has something to do with the #share-link div. Removing that div fixes the margin. Also clicking on a post-date fixes it because that div is shown and repositioned.

(Brentley Jones) #6

That was it. It needs a top set to it. Thanks!

It would be a big hassle for me to make a PR. @sam or @codinghorror can you simply add top: 20px or whatever to the #share-link div? It gets overwritten with an added style when shown. I’ll fix it locally until then.

(Brentley Jones) #7

There is a similar issue on the user preferences page:

(Seldon Stone) #8

Has anyone came up with a way to fix this yet? This is one of the biggest hurdles for me as of right now.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Is this still an issue on the new minimal, easier to theme default design?

(Kane York) #10

It appears not, the html tag’s area is extending all the way to the bottom, even after I open and close the composer (creating extra whitespace on the bottom), on both topics and the Preferences page.

I checked by setting a background-color: blue; in the inspector, but I quickly killed that abomination :smiley:

(Jeff Atwood) #11