Topic Previews Not Showing

Hello, wondering whether it’s a specific setting or something else if the topic previews in the server are showing ok in some categories and do not show at all in others?

Are you talking about this plugin not showing on all topics in categories?

No, I mean topic excerpts such as this

Is it after you’ve read them and they become unpinned?

You can adjust this behaviour in the admin settings (though users can still pin/unpin for themselves):

Thank you! I unticked both of those settings to keep what’s pinned, pinned. So as I understood, only pinned topics show this little preview?

You can use Topic List Excerpts or Topic List Previews theme component to display it on all Topics in the Topics List. The latter supports preview image too.

Understood. Just wanted to figure out how it works on Vanilla Discourse.

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By default, it’s the globally pinned topics that get the excerpt on the main Latest list, and the Category pinned ones that get one on the Category Latest list. But if a user manually unpins them then those topics will lose the excerpt view and drift down the list, assuming their natural position based on activity (so will look and act more like regular topics).

Thank you. By Category-pinned, you mean when users pin for themselves?

When you use the topic admin wrench to pin a topic you can chose to pin it to the top of its category (pink arrow), or to pin it globally (purple arrow):

Understood. Thanks for the help!

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