Topic template for uncategorized does not work

(Ted Strauss) #1

I am looking for a workaround with the following goal in mind: A new topic has a default category that loads it’s associated topic template. Specifically, I have a user support questionnaire as the topic template.

My current workaround:

  • Renamed ‘uncategorized’ category to ‘user support’; it is still treated as the default category which is what I want.
  • Filled out the topic template for the category with my content.

Observed behavior:

  • If I click New Topic, the standard topic editor opens but there is no topic template loaded.
  • If I open to the category page and then click New Topic, then the template does work and is loaded.

Question: Why doesn’t the topic template work when starting a new topic on the main page?

I have consulted these previous topics:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

That’s a risky workaround. Uncategorized is a special category and really shouldn’t be used this way. I think having the ability to set a default category is a legit use case, and you should champion that instead.

In the meantime just disable uncategorized and put your most popular category on the top of the list.

Hmm yes, there is a slight feature glitch here. In fact it also doesn’t work if you

  • Select a different category
  • Then select Uncategorized again

Whereas if you switch between various other categories with post templates, their respective templates are loaded (provided you haven’t started editing the text of course).

Unfortunately for you, the best short-term solution here would probably be for us to disable topic templates for Uncategorized. it makes sense, because 99.9% of forums don’t want to encourage uncategorized topics, and topic templates would work against that. We could revisit topic templates in Uncategorized if “default category” becomes a thing, which I hope it does.