Topic title field doesn't update as expected in response to user input

(Erik S.) #1

Browser Version Safari for OS X 8.0 (10600.1.25)
Discourse Version: 1.2.0.beta1 installed using the docker standalone template

Observed Behavior:

  1. Click to create a new topic.
  2. New topic pane expands from bottom of
  3. Field under “Create a new Topic:” has focus, displays the
    text “What is the discussion about in one brief sentence?” in gray text.
  4. I enter text.
  5. The text I entered isn’t displayed. Instead the “What is the discussion…” text remains, and the prompt at the bottom of the screen to enter enough characters is displayed and updated.
  6. When I click to enter the body of the post, the topic field updates to display the text I entered.
  7. When I change the focus back to the topic text, the cursor doesn’t move in responsee to pushing the arrow keys.
  8. When I delete text in the topic field using the delete button, the field updates sporadically to show the deleted text.
  9. When I enter new text, the old text remains until the focus moves off the topic field.

Expected Behavior:

  • The text displayed in topic field should respond immediately to to
    user input.

I’ve tried reloading the page, opening a new safari window, etc. The problem persists. I don’t experience the behavior on this Discourse install.

(cpradio) #2

Try searching :smile:

(Sam Saffron) #3