Topic Titles without posts in the body for Reddit-style voting

I am trying to recreate a site I ran in the late aughts in which users posted funny thoughts and the best ones were voted on. Reddit-esque, but text only. The closest way I can see to duplicate this on Discourse would be for users to post Topic Titles, without any actual body of the post. In other words, the Topic Title would be the funny thought, they all would show up on the homepage, and users could like and comment on each one. I’m not sure if that’s possible though. One workaround I’ve tried is setting max post length to 0. But that returns an error because the post can’t be empty. Is it possible to configure Discourse in a way that approximates what I am trying to do? Thank you!!

If you are voting on links, just paste the link in the topic title field, like so

Bodies can’t be blank in Discourse but you could set the minimum post body length to 1 character, I guess. Might lead to other pathologies later.


Can I disable the formatting / HTML options? Many thanks!

You could try using a category template to add minimum text.

Yeah, but in this case you need to modify other site settings, because all the topics saved with only the topic template are automatically blocked by @system and the new accounts are placed in the approval queue to avoid spam.

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Topic template to fill in   or some other invisible content as body.

Custom CSS to hide the composer window when creating topic.

These sound like really bad ideas.