Topics are not assigned to a category on main page

(Piotr Z Marek) #1

For example this post should be in the category “wypadki”.

However on the main page topic is not assigned to any category.

I’m using latest build of Discourse and I noticed this bug at the beginning of March.

(Dean Taylor) #2

Is there a chance you have just renamed the default “Uncategorized” category to “wypadki”?

Any topics assigned to the Uncategorised category don’t have the category name displayed next to them in the lists.

(Piotr Z Marek) #3

I do not think I changed anything. The screenshot below shows the settings of “wypadki”.

(Dean Taylor) #4

Sadly your screenshot means nothing to me as I can’t read Polish

But I can confirm that “wypadki” is not a renamed “Uncategorized” category as you have one listed:

(Piotr Z Marek) #5

What can I do to help you find this bug?

(Dean Taylor) #7

Actually looking at the data for your example post, it’s actually in the “Uncategorized” category (category id “1”)…
… just move it to the “mypadki” category

(Piotr Z Marek) #8

You can more precisely explain how I should do it?

After editing the title and reselect category “wypadki” nothing has changed.

(Dean Taylor) #9

Are you selecting the tick button?

(Piotr Z Marek) #10


It’s possible to do this, but I must first sellect different category (for example “wideo”), and then again select “wypadki”. Only then topic is assigned to the category “wypadki”.

And every new post in category “wypadki” is still not assigned to any category.

(Sam Saffron) #11

I have seen this before sounds like a bug with the selector