Topics mute without user interaction

(David Taylor) #1

As I mentioned here, we’re seeing some topics randomly become muted. This includes both recent topics, and extremely old (10+ years old) topics which nobody would be looking at. I’m posting in #support as I can’t reproduce this.

I do not think the cause is the same as the category muting issue in the other thread because the changes seem to happen in ‘batches’. I used this data explorer query

SELECT topic_id, user_id, notification_level, notifications_changed_at 
FROM topic_users
WHERE notification_level = 0
ORDER BY notifications_changed_at

Here is a small sample of notifications_changed_at for the hundreds of rows returned:

As you can see, this has been going on for a while (since late last year). Lots of topics get changed at exactly the same time, which suggests this is not caused by user interaction. The groups of changes which occur at the same time are all attached to the same user, for a number of different topics.

Can anyone think of what could be causing this? Is there some batch job that updates TopicUser entries? What else can I do to track down the cause of this issue?

Edit: I have just checked the “change reason” in the database for each of these TopicUser rows, and found that it is “user_changed” for every single one. So it is quite possible that this issue is entirely responsible.

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