Topics Not loading on Mobile for 1.1.0.beta3

(Ryan Sullivan) #1

Admittedly two changes have occurred to the site and I’m not sure which could be causing this issue. We recently upgraded our forum to 1.1.0beta3, and everything seemed great. Then last night we installed an SSL certificate on our server, enabled https in the Discourse admin, and again, everything seemed great until I started testing for mobile.

I didn’t test for mobile after the beta upgrade so I’m not sure which event triggered the issue.

The header area loads on mobile, and then nothing else. I’ve tested using BrowserStack and a series of other mobile devices (Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad). The browser “hangs” like it wants to load the rest of the topics but it never does.

This is the forum URL:

Any thoughts what might be causing the hangup? Happy to provide any additional information needed.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are you using any plugins? The usual candidate for “we upgraded and stuff broke” is plugins.

(Ryan Sullivan) #3

The only plugin that was installed was the Emoji plugin. I just turned that off and tested again with no luck. Everything else about our setup is very vanilla.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Is there anything in /logs ? Any errors in chrome?

(Ryan Sullivan) #5

It looks like the upgrade may have someone been terminated early somehow? Anyway, I restored it to the previous nightly backup and then updated the software again, and everything’s good now. Appreciate you looking into it.

(Jeff Atwood) #6