Topics not marked as read due to custom header

I have a small problem on my forum:

  • settings (for my account) set to “Consider topics new when: I haven’t viewed them yet”
  • Someone post one short 1st message in a new topic (it happens a lot when we post a news in WP and it become a topic in discourse)
  • Visit the topic, can’t scroll = blue dot stays forever.
  • problem goes away if you can scroll the topic (I think it’s that…)

Yes I can “fix” this with the default “timed” setting but I don’t want to, I’m managing / moderating the place. :wink:

So am I missing something here? Some threads will generate 0 comments so the dots will stay forever and it’s a problem, I keep thinking I missed something…

(we are on the latest beta btw).

I can’t reproduce this. Are you on an old version of Discourse or have unusual third party customizations?

Nope, as I said, latest beta. (v2.2.0.beta5 +82 as I write this )
Very standard installation, no mods, just a header for our main WP website. Only thing I can think of is that maybe when the thread is made by the WP plugin is does something it shouldn’t? But even then, the dot goes away if you have just one message behind the 1st one.

This kind of topic will stay new forever for me under those conditions.

Bingo, it’s the scroll detection.

I just pushed the suggested topics to 8 to check if it was linked and it’s fixing the problem, because THEN I can scroll a bit and it will mark the thread as read.

Maybe you can find a clever solution to this little problem?


Can you repro this on @jomaxro?

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I can try to do a video if you want but I think you understood the problem. :wink:

I have not been able to reproduce this on try, no. I’ve created a topic with a small amount of content lorem ipsum dolor sit amet with my test user, saw it appear as new for my admin user, opened the topic, and after the fade out the topic was marked as read.

@Cafeine, can you find a consistent repro on We trust that it’s happening on your site, but we need to rule out any possible server configuration differences or site customizations.


Curious, when you did this was your browser window totally maximized?


One way to simulate that is to use a browser zoom level under 80% cc @jomaxro

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It’s working as intended on the demo board, I tested different settings and the blue dot DO fade away. I’m puzzled, since we don’t have ANY mod (I did double check) on my forum. Just WP-Discourse on WP side, that’s it.

I’ll run some more tests tomorrow with skins without our header to see if that can mess things up. :confused:

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OK, I did double check, and it’s definitely our header. And I have no idea why. I’ll ask our coder. I checked with a couple of themes without the header and it’s working. Since it DOES work when we scroll down, can you tell me how you detect that the post is read? Anyway, thanks again for the awesome work for the best forum on the market. :wink: