Tor + cloudflare not working well with discourse

Until weeks ago i was able to navigate my forum with tor + cloudflare with minor issues (slightly slower, some images sometimes didn’t load, etc).

However now the site just doesn’t load. Tried switching off and on a lot of the options on the SSL section of cloudflare but (including onion access option) but no good.

Is this solvable from discourse end? What could i switch on the config panel in order to fix this?

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Some issues are version specific so you probably need to provide more info here.

Have you had a look at some of the recent topics about problems with unsupported builds? Here’s a couple that might help you:


installed version is 2.4.0.beta9

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pls do share more setting option in cloudflare such as ssl and speed tab
second pls do choose development mode to check accessibility of your site without cloudflare