ToS topic.body by Github? (no Transifex) 🙏

Hello Discourse Team

I wanted to request permission to keep the key “tos_topic.body” of Transifex directly through GitHub repos. The route would be: .../server.en.yml#L3568

With the valid YML content (verified) that I have translated here: ../@sidv/discourse/tos-spanish.yml

I do not translate all the text directly in transifex, because it is impossible for me to write so much, move to Transifex, the editor misinterprets me and does not pass the spaces correctly or the line breaks. Transifex has given me headaches with this translation. It can be easy to use for short texts, but when we talk about more than 2000 words, things change.

I hope you could understand my request.


Debate en español sobre este tema

Refer to Términos de Servicio (tos_topic.body) :es:

I’m sorry, but it has to be on Transifex for now in order to be included in the upcoming release.

However, @erlend_sh and I have been brainstorming recently on how we could improve some of the translation tasks. We listen to the feedback of our translators and I’m sure we will make some changes in the future. And we will consider this suggestion as well. Thanks!