Totally N00b Question- Docs/Setup Strategy for Groups?

(Alan Levine) #1

I am far from new to web software but am feeling rather overwhelmed with the features and settings of discourse. And I pretty much loathe discussion boards, and my experience using discourse sites elsewhere led me to recommend it.

Okay, where is there some documentation on Groups? I can grok how they are used, but am not finding anything except specific questions/issues on groups.

Okay, this is my scenario (well ti’s real). I have 300 university faculty who spent a week in some technology immersion and we are moving them now into a online discourse community for 2 months as they work on applying the tech to their courses.

The plan is to have the community public open to read (so work is in the public) but for now the posting is for our participants and instructors only. What we want is a away for all of them to mingle and share (as a large group) and also for them to have groups of about 30 where they can have more focused talk, like a smaller cohort. I worry about them not finding their right place to do their group work.

So if I get this right, we might create some public categories all have access to. Then create specific ones for each group with group privileges applied? I can see the startup phase giving participants the ability to see just their group’s categories, and then open it up as we go so they can see / participate in others.

What I am not seeing is if discourse provides a grouping of messages by their group or if all the org is by the categories.


(Michael Downey) #2

I think you’ll have to create categories (or sub-categories) for each group, then set the privileges that only Group X can see & post to the (sub) category for Group X. You could then expand the permissions for those categories over time, as you mentioned.

(Kane York) #3

You’ll also want two large groups: participants and instructors.

(Alan Levine) #4

Thanks that makes sense, though our instructor conversations take place already in Slack.

I am asked now, though, if there is a link/place for members to see other members of their group? I cannot seem to find the group list.

(Kane York) #5

though it seems that the styling is busted…

(Alan Levine) #6

My site’s group links work for me as admin, but ordinary members get an error page.

(Kane York) #7

Ah, that would be the " Group is visible to all users" flag in the group settings page.