Tracking oddity


Has anyone encountered this oddity with tracking? A user has posted in two threads. In one of threads, the tracking comment is ‘You will receive notifications because you posted a reply in the topic.’

On the other thread, instead of the same, it says ‘You will receive notification because you are tracking this topic.’

The problem is, for the 2nd thread, replies to her posts aren’t notified when she clicks on her user icon.

Anyone encountered something like this? Is there some ‘rebuilding’ that I need to do to correct the oddity?


(Sam Saffron) #2

Technically both states you described are 100% the same in code. There is not distinction based on “reason”

Are you running latest Discourse?


I am indeed.

How does the software pick one reason to ‘show’ versus the other?

(Mittineague) #4

The Profile Preference’s “you will” text used to be more verbose, but these have long and often been confusing to many.

First, there are both Category and Topic settings
* and User Mute on the Profile Preferences page.

And there are the “consider new when” and “automatically track” settings.

Also, there are both “other member” and “self” factors.

The way they interact affects what Notifications one will get,/ what topic titles get “new” / “unread count” icons, what will show in the New and Unread pages.

“Self” factors are whether or not one is Watch, Track, Normal or Mute a category / topic / tag and if you make a post in a topic and what the “automatically track” setting is. .
“Other member” factors are if they create a new topic, post in an existing topic, quote another member’s post, @ mention another member, click the Reply button on another members post, Like another members post or send them a message.

Confused? Don’t feel alone, it takes time to get used to.