Tracking signups from referrals


I wonder if there is a way to track new signups based on the user that referred them to Discourse.

I believe the referrals in /admin only counts pageviews and topics?

If there any way to see this information by user somewhere?


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If an invite is sent by a user you can see that on their user page in the invites tab.


When someone lands on discourse through a ?u=username link, and then signs up, is there a way to trace that back to @username ?


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You can process your server logs to look for that URL as needed.

How do I do that on the hosted version of Discourse?

Is there a more user friendly option?

Have you set up google analytics in your site settings? This should allow you to track all kinds of page transitions and data.

It’s a bit technical and not user friendly at all…

I understand there is no current way to do it within discourse?

Should that be a suggestion for a new feature/plugin?

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Sort of, we track that an IP landed on that link but do not track the entire chain leading to signup. I think this is a legit feature request.

Technically what we could do is set a cookie on the anonymous user with “referring user id” and then log that once user registers an account.



What’s the process for making a feature request?

Make a topic in #feature with all the details. The more specific you can be, the better. Explain what you want to accomplish, and if possible provide UI mockups.


I guess the “Champion” badge (/badges/27/champion ) only include users invited by emails then?

Also I creature a feature suggestion here:

I would love to see this implemented. The other idea I had was to implement a custom SSO sign up where the link provided would lead to an account creation, but the SSO link also captures meta data that can be loaded in Discourse via the Data explorer.

ie. doing a for google analytics would expand to:

which then can have custom code behind the scenes that can persist the meta data accordingly. I would love to have something that is build into the forum that at the very least can be used to link who invited the person or which ‘campaign’ led to the sign up.