Transferring old migrated forum accounts

(Sebastian) #1

I think this should be an UI feature. Wordpress has always offered this: When deleting a user, I am being asked what to do with his/her posts (i.e. who these should be assigned to). An auto-complete dialog could just ask for the username, and then there could be a task in the background, assigning all deleted user’s activity and content to the new user.

Scenario: Old legacy forums with lots of baggage sometimes have old user accounts with massive amounts of content that should be carried over to newer user accounts. It can’t be done by hand and for those of us on hosted Discourse installations there is no access to the command line.

Change ownership of all posts by a specific user
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Wordpress authors are a radically different scenario than random people on a public forum. Worlds apart.

(Sebastian) #3

I am aware of that, but usually when someone makes a suggestion the first answer is to provide an idea of how one would like to have it look like, so I was providing an example of how I thought it would be ideal :wink:

If you strip everything else, a user account is nothing but a number with relationships, now these could be re-associated, couldn’t they? Everything associated with user ID 1 gets modified to be associated with ID 2 instead? No? :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Accounts are mapped by email address, so if you want to retain the old user content on a migrated forum you need to match that email address on the old account, user by user.