Transform Discourse into classified ads website

(Chris) #1


I’ve tried a lot of classified ads CMS but never satisfied. Discourse is very simple and seems lot of functions and settings. So do you think i can convert it easily to a classified website like Craigslist?

Functions needed:

  • No answer in any post (1 post = 1 ad)
  • Contact form access to email post author
  • Post expiration (7 days before expiration, an email is sent to alert post author. If needed, he can relaunch the post for 3 other months before expiration)
  • Post form: disable markdown and HTML aspect, add some fields, simpler photo uploader

I know my request may seem a bit fanciful but I’m disappointed with the current solutions.


(Michael Downey) #2

Right now, you could set a category to auto-close a topic relatively quickly after creation which is basically a “no answer in any post” setting. There’s also PM functionality for contacting authors.

Post expiration: Do you mean delete/hide the topic altogether after N days?

Photo uploader is already in place. And why would you want to disable formatting? Imagine if eBay did that, it’d be a completely different experience for sellers. :slight_smile:

(Chris) #3


Formatting is not essential for classified ads. Most people dont use it.

(Tomo Vukasović) #4

I do have a lot of experience in classified ads business. So far I can say with certainty that it is hard to satisfy each client. This is why we created and will create scripts for:

Real Estate Classifieds
Auto Classifieds
Business Classifieds etc

That said I think it is bad idea to run Discourse as classified system.

(Liam Austin) #5

What about running a classifieds section the way these guys do it? Is this possible? If so, how can it be set up?

Otherwise, do you have a recommendation for a plugin for this, something like the Member Directory plugin?

(Charles Wilmott) #6

Look for something like too
Any news n this?