Transifex translation for admin content, faq, etc

(Caue Rego) #1

Currently the translation workflow is done with transifex. But some things are not there to be translated. Namely, the first posts, which are to be edited anyway but could contain translated instructions, the FAQ, and the admin content (which stays under /admin/site_contents).

Or maybe they’re already at server.yml but for whatever reason they came in as english instead of square bracketed quotes such as this… Now I’m not sure! (it could be just in brazil).

Any hopes on adding those to transifex aiming to keep all translations centralized?

Slightly related PS: some times the awesome transifex context reference (the “more details” button right below the translation) is not enough. Any suggestions on what else we could use to figure out where the original string will be used in context?

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

You can find them in server.yml. Look for keys like guidelines_topic, tos_topic, usage_tips, …

Those are missing translations in the client.yml. Missing translations on the server always use English as a fallback. When the are missing on the client, you’ll see those keys in square brackets.

When I’m not sure how a string is used I try searching for the key (or parts of the key) in the Discourse GitHub repository. Filtering by language (Ruby for server, JavaScript and Handlebars for client) helps finding the right files. Looking at the filenames it’s often obvious where those string are used.

Other translators use a different approach. They look at the interface and whenever the see a missing translation they go to Transifex and translate it. The Translation Superman :slight_smile: helps a lot when you work this way.

(Caue Rego) #3

Yes, I just saw the super bird! Awesome tool. Also, looks like FAQ is there indeed. Cool, thanks! :slight_smile: