Translating "Jan, Feb, ......"

(Yağız Öztürk) #1

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I could not find a way to translate “Jan, Feb,…” months in my site

I am using lidels local override plugin. I have not upgraded to 1.3.0 beta yet by the way.

Here are the screenshots

(Kane York) #2

What language is your forum?

(Yağız Öztürk) #3

Forum language is : tr_TR

(Marcin Rataj) #4

FYI I have the same problem with pl_PL :firstworldproblem:

(Kane York) #5

The translations file has this:

    date_year: "MMM 'YY"
    date_month: "D MMM"

So the moment.js library, doing the date formatting, isn’t being told what the locale is.