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(Создатель Plixens) #1

Hi all! Sorry for my english.
I found it on my discourse installation:

Version: 1.1.0.beta8
Last commit: 11eff54

How can I help translate this entry to russian language?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes, you can edit it in Transifex on the web:

(Создатель Plixens) #3

@codinghorror, hi!

I found Transifex page which contains this string: Log in · Transifex

You can see here that this file was completely translated. I see that there are many UNREVIEWED entries :confused:

Sorry, but I don’t understand who should review this? I can’t do it.

And second question: are you use UNREVIEWED entries for production discource versions? I think that you aren’t use it… :frowning: I think that you should do it if review process so slow. What you think about this?

And sorry for my english again…

(Создатель Plixens) #4

@codinghorror, excuse me, please, but who can help me with translations reviews?

(Создатель Plixens) #5

@sam, can you help with it? Sorry if something wrong.

(Anton) #6

@plixens I’m reviewing translations bit by bit.
The reviewing process is not trivial as it requires checking the context of every message carefully.

Translation also requires adding some terms in Transifex glossary, consulting Russian-speaking editors, and sometimes asking questions here in Meta Discourse, so this process cannot go very fast, unfortunately. I’m doing my best and putting a portion of effort regularly - at least 2 times a week.

Btw, unreviewed translation strings also appear in the distributed Discourse, so feel free to translate strings in Transifex if you feel you can do it the right way. Please always consult the Transifex glossary and learn the context while you translate strings. Many thanks!

(Anton) #7

If you wnat to change the translation for your instance only, or you don’t want to wait until a string is translated, you can override translations locally for your setup only.

In order to do so, go to Settings and edit site content HTML that will be added before the tag.

Here is an example of what I have to redefine some captions for the pages navigator:

if (typeof != 'undefined') { = 'к началу'; = 'в конец';

You will need to find out which key you want to translate or redefine.

  1. If there is no translation yet for a particular key, the key is displayed as on your original screenshot, i.e.:

  2. If there is translation and you just want to override it, you will have to turn on the translation mode, see more details here:

(Создатель Plixens) #8

@meglio, thank you a lot for your explanations and advices! It’s more clear now.