Translation of the Discourse Community Guidelines FAQ

(Nikita Samsonov) #1

Hi there!
Thank you guys for great software and excellent community around it!

I was inspired by the Discourse Community Guidelines FAQ and I looked for translations, but didn’t find any. So I’ve started a small new project on Transifex. I’ve translated the FAQ into Russian, other languages are welcome. Hope it’ll be useful.

If Guidelines translations already exist, please, direct me to it.

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

It’s already part of the server.en.yml that can be translated on Transifex. The key is guidelines_topic.body.
So, there’s no need for an additional project on Transifex.
You can add your Russian translation here:

(Nikita Samsonov) #3

Thanks! I’ll add my text into the main translation project.