Translations frequently broken

(Benjol) #21

Any idea why the translation isn’t ‘getting through’?

(Régis Hanol) #22

What do you mean by getting through? We usually retrieve the translations from transifex every week or so.

(Benjol) #23

Well, I don’t know the exact history of that particular tag, but last week when I created my Discourse instance (with DiscourseHosting), the create topic button had a translated text, but at some point over the last few days, it went back to [fr.topic.create].

One thought was “Oh, it’s a new key”, but that can’t be true, because it says that the translation comes from two months ago.

I guess, maybe, just maybe it was translated but not reviewed and then the key was swapped into the New Topic button instead of something else: I haven’t worked out where to see the history of reviewing in Transifex.

BTW: I just did a major push to translate/review all remaining strings in FR…

(Arpit Jalan) #24

Okay, I just updated the translations and pushed the new source files to Transifex after downloading translations. So I hope translations doesn’t break this time. :pray:

(Benjol) #25

@techAPJ, Is there any chance you could look into this for me in more detail?

It seems to me that [topic.create] can’t be a NEW key, and according to the history on Transifex, it’s been translated for at least a year now.

Also, see this topic:

This leads me to wonder whether it isn’t the translation which is broken, but something in the i18n code in Discourse which is choking. (The other notable broken key is [composer.create_topic])

(etewiah) #26

I had problems with translations not appearing correctly as well and it turned out that I had to update some of the plugins I was using ( and had written myself ).

In a few places I had overwritten existing templates which referred to the translations so:

{{ i18n admin_title }}

It seems now i18n references in templates have to be quoted so it now works after I changed the above to

{{ i18n 'admin_title' }}

I’m not sure exactly which update introduced that change.

(Régis Hanol) #27

That’s an Ember update that introduced this change.

(Benjol) #28

OK, I managed to track down which version of Discourse I’m on, and cross-referencing with Github, apparently [topic.create] effectively didn’t exist in French in V1.1.3.

But that still leaves me wondering how come it had a translation as far back as a year ago (per Transifex)… and when the next stable releases is going to come out!