Translators We Want You!

( hey_julien) #1

To make the best translations, we need more than one translator per language.

To federate everyone in one place, Transifex seems to provide the right tools to translate and review translations.

You can join us now on Discourse-Translations-Project created by @camilohollanda and @jbruni (portuguese brazil translators) for instance you’ll find 2 languages: portuguese brazil (pt_BR) and french France (fr_FR).
Translations are waiting for your reviews and contributions.

Existing translators please add your files there.

Brazilian Portuguese translation
Adding a new language that doesnt exist
Transifex: Empty String
(Sjors) #2

I’d like to help out with the Dutch translation, however I seem to remember @Sander78 also committed Dutch translation files on the public repository. I don’t remember where they are now.

And I found these Russian translation files in the main git repository of Discourse: discourse/public at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

@codinghorror or @sam where should the translations preferably reside? And are there other translation files at different places? Let’s group everything together and proceed.

(Sander Datema) #3

I did a lot of the translations the last few months and they’re right with the other languages: in the repository. Working on a new batch now.

(Sander Datema) #4

I added the Dutch translation to your project (which has an odd name, looks like it’s only for Brazilian Portuguese). @Sjors, PM me your e-mail address and I’ll add you as a translator.

( hey_julien) #5

Well, there are other translations projects for discourse on Transifex, the brazilian team is by far the most active, the other projects weren’t up to date when i started.

(Sander Datema) #6

I see. Not that it’s a huge issue, but it would be nice if you could rename the project to a more common thing. But like I said, a nice to have, not a need to have.

(Martin Törnqvist) #7

I’d like to help out with Swedish, there is a partial translation but there’s no topic for it under the Transifex link. Should I sign up and add this, or wait for the original translator to do it?

( hey_julien) #8

You need to sign up and request to open the swedish language, @camilohollanda will add it for you. There is an import feature but in my situation as french translator i haven’t been able to import the existing french translation, i made ‘some’ copy/paste.

(Martin Törnqvist) #9

I see, thank you. I have requested it now.

(Martin Törnqvist) #10

Before putting too much time into translating, I’m sort of wondering how official this is or isn’t, who’s behind it, and if we can expect translators to eventually gather here or not. And is there any other coordination effort I should know of?

There’s not that much activity and I noticed questions about other localizations in other threads. I’d love to help, but not if others have already done the same job somewhere else, or are doing so right now.

In my case with the Swedish, there is already an incomplete translation in the database. Would it be possible to import that to Transifex instead of me starting over? Is it possible to reach the person behind the current translation?

Lots of questions… I think it would be good to explain a bit and confirm that it’s actually helpful if we do this. :slight_smile:

( hey_julien) #11

How official ? Discourse is GPL software, if you want to participate, all you need is to create a github account and sign the developer agreement. I signed it myself and already had some changes commited to the master branch, that’s the most official stuff i can prove.

Now regarding translations, everyone is free to do it on its own with the help of the software they like. I’ve noticed that transifex was an appropriate place to do those translations, they offer a review perspective and some other good stuff.
I also noticed that the brazilian translators where very active (the original english files are updated from github very frequently). So i contacted them to had a french translation, i really believe that more translators we’re, the better the translations will be.

This is exaclty what i did on the french translation, i did contact the original translator and i did import his work into transifex. He recently join us there and now we’re both translators on the french version on transifex.

Now regarding the commit on master, i suggest you to do as did : to send your translations with your own github account, in this way you could manage your own timing. But you can also ask anyone who have signed the developer aggreement.

(Martin Törnqvist) #12

Thank you for your reply.

Yes of course, and that’s fine. I just think it would be nice if this thread could be more visible (Sticky?) and if we knew one or two of the main developers were at least aware of this, too. That way if they come across other people doing translations somewhere else, they could help us find each other.

I agree. Being able to collaborate, review translations and save comments for them, is very valuable. There are many tough choices and I think it’d be hard to get a quality translation from just one person.

For importing, it’s the files in config/locales, right? Another issue then is, does the format sometimes change, making the available YAML files outdated? Because there is no version number in them.

How did you find that person? There are no comments in the files, and the commit is by the main founder who I doubt did the translation. :slight_smile:

( hey_julien) #13

Sure but this initiative is not THE only way to participate to the project, as i said, everyone is free to do as they want. Now the best way to gain visibility is to produce the best translations and to help new translators to join us, then i’m sure @sam or @codinghorror would help us.

Maybe you can contact the commiter, and if you can’t reach him, then go ahead and use his translations.

Well in my situation i haven’t been able to import automatically the french translation, so i made some copy/paste.

(Pablo Macaluso) #14

I can help with a spanish translation

(Eliseo Soto) #15

I can help with Spanish as well, specifically es-419

(Pablo Macaluso) #16

I strarted translating to Spanish (Argentina)

( hey_julien) #17

Great guys. @eliseosoto, join us on to participate.

(Pablo Macaluso) #18

More later i continue translating… !

(João Peixoto) #19

I’d like to help with the Portuguese (pt_PT) translation.

Given the current status of the Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation, due to the excellent work of the brazilian team, I requested to join the team at the Transifex project - - and requested pt_PT to be added.

First time using Transifex however, can someone tell me how can I go ahead adding to the pt_PT translation taking advantage of the pt_BR? Can I “fork” it on Transifex? And then, how to commit to the main branch?

Sorry for the newbie questions, once set up I’ll be translating at full speed, new forum on the way and this is a top priority to convince the people to shift from 2 heavy traffic mailing lists.

EDIT: We got it, and have finished translating Discourse to Portuguese (Portugal). Now reviewing…once we finish it, we’ll definitely give it back to the community. How? Direct upload to git?

(Pablo Macaluso) #20

I ask the same thing! :slight_smile: