Trello Integration?

(Nicholas Perry) #1

I am enjoying dicourse so far, and would love to use this internally. What would be the best way to integrate trello with a private discourse system. I’m not a big fan of Trello’s comment system and would prefer a drop-in replacement to encourage richer discussions on the cards.

Any thoughts on an easy way to go about doing this? I wouldn’t be beyond writing a custom chrome extension to embed comment threads into the card.

(Aaron Levin) #2

(some incoherent thoughts)

Discourse sits on top of a REST API, so potentially you could sync Discourse comments to Trello comments. You’d need a way to tie each Discourse thread to a card on Trello, which could be done with some Discourse extension that let you select a Trello card for a given Discourse Topic.

PS - I also use and really dig Trello, so this kind of integration would be welcomed.

(Doug Moore) #3

I think what you are looking for is this: 301 Moved Permanently

(Silver Quettier) #4

So, based on the linked topic, it seems that embedding would not be a perfect solution. (See Jeff Atwood change of stance on this.)

Are there any new leads about a way to link Trello with Discourse?
My small community use both, and while Trello is the default tool to keep track of the current progress on various tasks, Discourse is often used to report on major milestones to the rest of the community, which may not be involved in the task itself, and not follow Trello.

What I’m thinking about would be a onebox in the first post, or a floating component that would follow the scrolling, which would include specific information about a Trello card (Status of the checklists, etc…), and be an hyperlink to the card itself in Trello.

Is there anything that allows this for the moment? A plugin, maybe?
If nothing exists so far, I might work on a plugin to do just this, but it may be a bit out of my league right now.

P.S. : Sorry for the necroposting, but since this post appears in the top 3 when searching G. for “Discourse Trello”, I assume updating it is kind of relevant.

(Nicholas Perry) #5

I’ve had some luck with piping emails from discourse into Trello using Making it work well is a bit on the Zapier power user side of things, so its a bit hard to figure out.

My original intention was to have a special user that you @ commented on, and it detects who @ replied and does the right thing. (e.g. if a normal user @ replies to [bugcatcher], it shows up as a new user issue. If it shows up from one of the team members, it shows up as a bug with him tagged on it). Haven’t quite got it there yet though.

I’d kill for a proper discourse => zapier integration.

(Stephen) #6

Did you ever perfect this @ultimape?

(xiasummer) #7

can’t read now. sth wrong?

(Andy at Focallocal) #9

any updates to this?