Trouble getting billing set up with Mandrill

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #1

It is almost 3 days since I am contacting Mandrill App Team about a bug in their billing system. But despite emailing them several times, I have not heard a single response from them.

Our Forum is expanding on daily basis and the number of emails sent each day are around 1K. We exceeded the 12K limit and most of our emails are in mandrill backlog and none of our member is receiving any Email notification. New users can not signup due to no email being received for account activation. We are totally helpless in this case!

Their billing system has a credit card option and no option for paypal. I did try with my Visa Card but mandrill is throwing an error (Invalid request - Error 418) or sometimes it says that “Your bank has rejected the request” something similar.

I contacted my bank and they said that everything is normal on my USD account and VISA card, the problem is with Mandrill billing system which is surely incompetent.

Why discourse Chose mandrill when it has such a poor customer service?

(Adam Capriola) #2

I had a problem setting up payments too. When it asks for “Business” or “Company” name, make sure to put the name on your card.

(Abdul Munim Zahid) #3

Well, you are free to use any other mailing service!

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #4

Did as you suggested but no use :frowning:

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #5

Will you take all the headache for free for us then?

(Adam Capriola) #6

If you’re already getting those errors, it means they’re putting a hold on your account from making payments. You’ll need to contact them and explain the situation and they should lift the hold. I reached them through: twitterhelp (at) mandrill (dot) com

After they fix it then try to enter your card info again.

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #7

yes i guess twitter would be the right choice. Let me contact them and inform them about it.

(Wes Osborn) #8

We switched from Amazon SES to Mandrill before we moved to Discourse. Amazon SES had forum only support. Generally we’ve found Mandrill’s support to be pretty responsive, so I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with them @Abdul_Munim_Zahid.

Another option you might consider is Sendgrid, we looked at them, but they were too expensive for our needs at the time.

(Abdul Munim Zahid) #9

Actually @wesochuck I find Mandrill pretty amazing!
For me their support is responsive! Their service is unparalleled!

I was just suggesting the OP that he is free to use any other mailing service since OP had this perception that Discourse CHOSE mandrill. While in reality discourse only suggests mandrill :smile:

ps- OP = Original Poster!

(Tobias Eigen) #10

So THAT is what OP stands for. I always wondered. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Mandrill has been very responsive for us, even for the free clients. And everything “just works” with them on email.

They also emailed me directly to make sure we were having a good experience. I am very comfortable recommending Mandrill. (and to be fair @Abdul_Munim_Zahid we do “choose” Mandrill when doing $99 one time installs, we set up a Mandrill account for the customer.)

I am sure if you are trying to pay them, they will respond – you just need to find the correct way to contact them.

(Wes Osborn) #12

Sorry for the confusion, my attempt was just to give the OP some additional options, so I thought I would tack that onto your statement about alternatives. Probably should not have used a quoted reply to “extend” that point.

We also love Mandrill’s reporting tools and the fact that they also have inbound processing has been a benefit to us for other projects that we’ve worked on in the past. All much better than the Amazon SES service we had been using. Good luck to @Mohammad, hopefully his billing issues get sorted out soon.

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #13

I must say you are true when you say:

It was my bad that I was contacting them through the website’s contact form which for some reason is not delivering my emails to the support staff. I contacted them via twitterhelp(AT)mandrill (DOT) COM as @AdamCapriola suggested and amazingly I received their reply within few minutes!

I take my words back and blame the technical issues instead on their support Form. I have requested them to fix it.

They have have lifted the hold on my account and has asked me to retry paying. I will do as guided and hope for the best

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #14

The mandrill billing system did not ask for my security code number of my bank “Standard Chartered Bank” and this is one reason why the bank is rejecting the payment request.

I asked the mandrill team to at least optimize their payment system or offer an alternative like paypal but I did not hear a convincing reply except this

Because Mandrill stores the card information (through a card processor) to re-charge your account balance later, we don’t collect the card security code (it’s typically not permitted for recurring transactions). As a result, if your card has a limitation that requires the security code for each transaction, you would need to use an alternate card or work with your card issuer to allow the charge.

We’re also able to accept wire transfers for charges of $1,000 or more, which can be made up to four times per year. We’d nevertheless require a credit card on file that we’d be able to charge in the event that the account balance drops below $0, but this might help provide an alternative method of payment, if interested.

My bank is a standard chartered bank and globally used, if mandrill has no support for its cards then what is the use of such strict billing system where users who are having both cards and paypal are still asking for help!

(Kane York) #15

Try contacting your bank to authorize the payment?

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #16

They said they can not allow use of card on any site that does not ask for the security card. It is their policy

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #17

Totally helpless here
The bank clearly stated that they can not authorise any manual entry and mandrill must provide security code else it can’t be trusted

I wonder how come such companies like mandrill have limited payment options? Even small ecommerce sites are better than it which at least cares for its customers by allowing multiple payment options. Sadly mandrill does not even accept PayPal !

(Abdul Munim Zahid) #18

Hi @Mohammad

Since you are from Pakistan, you need to understand that there are more limitations with cards in Pakistan then there are with other countries!
Nonetheless, you can get a credit card which doesn’t require a security code. Last I heard, HBL did offer such cards!
Oh and accepts paypal! You can use this instead!

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #19

I guess that could be one reason for all such constraints. Munim can we also use a PKR account to process a payment ? Because people rarely use USD here. I am using standard chartered USD account but it did not work out

Mandril did apologised for such restrictions and they have promised to add the option of security code in future

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #20

@codinghorror Do you recommended moving to Free email marketing software ?