Trouble receiving password email

(BM) #1

Hi all,
Hoping a Discourse expert can help out. I’m an admin on an invite-only forum, with some users that are not tech savvy.

I have invited a user by generating an invite link and emailing it, the user follows this link and then proceeds to set up their account. They click the ‘Set Password’ button, however this email is not received. They have some unusual spam guard program that’s probably blocking it, and although I’ve tried to troubleshoot this as well, I’ve no luck so far with the usual junk folder/safe domain/settings etc.

Is there a way for admins to generate the link created in the ‘Set Password’ email, or any other way I can manually get this information to the user?

(Dean Taylor) #2

Try basic mail delivery troubleshooting stuff first…

Specifically by sending test emails to addresses provided by and ensure you have the best possible score.

Start with sending a test mail from the /admin/email page of your site, then perhaps move to inviting a test email address once your score looks “great”.

(BM) #3

Hi Dean,
Thanks for the advice, I appreciate the time. It’s really just one case (so far), and we believe something to do with the spam program they are using. They are not high level technical, so it’s probably a local setting that’s causing the problem. If there is a way to get that info, I’d appreciate it otherwise we can try to find another work around.


(Matt Palmer) #4

One thing you could possibly try is changing the user’s e-mail address to one that isn’t protected by whatever PoS is eating the mail, reset the password, then put the e-mail address back to how it was. Or, just leave it pointing at a working e-mail address, and deep-six the one that is causing the problems. Gmail accounts are free, after all.

(BM) #5

Thanks Matt, that’s pretty much we’re at the moment!

EDIT: I ended up using the ‘impersonate’ function to set up a temporary password for this user until we managed to sort out the other issues with the spam program.