Trouble with setting up mail and local SSL certs

(Rene Vucko) #1

Hi, I just sucessfully installed a mail server on my virtual machine. I tested it out, and it can send mail out(I sent a mail from the computer to my gmail account and I recieved it). Now I installed discourse, the forums are running perfectly, but I can’t seem to get the confirmation mail for my first admin account. When I launch

sudo ./launcher mailtest app`

I get the error: ERROR: hostname ‘’ doesn’t match ‘ubuntu’.
Now my settings are like this(in the app,yml):
DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME: ‘localhost’ --the virtual machine box IP is, where I can access the forums
okay so the “” is my postfix hostname. In my /etc/hosts I have edited it like this localhost ubuntu

I didn’t change anything here except for the added
Now my etc/hostname looks like this


My postfix is configured with the relay mail server of our company, and when I try to send mail to any email accounts from the command line, it works. I get the email. It’s not even in the spam folder. So I guess this is configured correctly.

I have tried using 587 but it gives me even more errros and says conn refused.

And that’s it from my side, hope you guys can help.

The initial goal was to connect drupal with these forums, is this even possible? Thanks!

(Rene Vucko) #2

Now it shows me the error:
SMTP AUTH extension not supported by server.
Authorization is not available - you may need to use TLS.

(Rene Vucko) #8

Well I managed to set it up now, but your installation instructions are missing the VITAL part to setting up discourse.
In the app.yml I added


or whatever your mail server is using
and below I had to edit

#-exec rails r "SiteSetting.notification_email='nonedited'"

here I had to uncomment this line and insert my email.

If you don’t do this when you first install discourse, the mail server WILL NOT WORK.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

This implies the SSL cert is only valid on your computers, e.g. your client will be validating the certificate, not a central certificate authority. So this is peculiar to you.