Trouble with sign ons using Auth0 plug in for Discourse

(Steven Tobenkin) #1

I’m using Discourse with auth0 and having some serious issues with some people not being able to log in.

I’m being told by my developer (who I like) that as far as he can tell, the problem is with the Auth0 plug in which of course I can’t hire him to re-write. He’s pretty sophisticated as are some of my end users who are also having trouble. Some of my users can’t sign on using any device on any network, using their social sign accounts or even with new email/pass combos

Is there anyone at Discourse or in the community that seen sign on issue like this and can suggest a solution or work around?

Thanks in advance…

Steve Tobenkin

PS, I’m the marketing guy not the tech guy so I’ll need to bring in the ‘big guns’ pretty quickly after someone replies,

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

The plugin maintainer is @jfromaniello, if you can provide reproducible steps and logs of the erros maybe he can help you.