Trouble with signing in to my admin account on a Discord VM powered by bitnami

I am signing in with my “user” credential and password provided to me by bitnami but Discourse is saying it is invalid. Any help?

I am afraid the bitnami setup is not supported here. Highly recommend you move to the official install or perhaps ask for support on the bitnami forum

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What is the Official Install and where do I get the package? @sam


It might be nice if there was a link to this up in the top bar (e.g., next to the :mag:). Since it’s on github and not here, it’s a little hard to search for here.


Well at a minimum we need a topic here in the #howto category

The first search result should be a topic the points at our guide. Can you give that a shot?

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How about this: Discourse official Standard Installation


And while I’m at it: Troubleshooting Bitnami Installations