True? 1-no WP user database, 2-must use subdomain, 3-Must take over comments

(Brian) #1

I could be misunderstanding, but can someone confirm, that Discourse:

1: Does not use the WP user database
2: Must use a subdomain and can’t be hung on a normal url like
3: Cannot run just as a forum and leave WP comments alone; it must take over comments as well


(James Milligan) #2

1: Nope, it uses its own login details. You can hook up other sites so that you can sign in via Facebook, Twitter, but they are optional. I think there might be a Wordpress plugin to enable you to use Wordpress’ user system, but I gather you don’t want to do that.

2: It can be used on your normal domain just fine ( Using subfolders might be tricky, see here

3: It’s completely standalone, it only takes over WP’s comments if you want it to.

(Brian) #3

Thanks for clarifying - no good for me, methinks.

(James Milligan) #4

What are your requirements? Discourse can be as flexible/integrated, or as standalone, as you need in most cases.

(Brian) #5

I have to have a unified user DB, I have more than one major app on the site and can’t be running multiple registration systems.
I have setup sub-sites in the past and have no appetite for doing it again, I want an embedded forum with the same header, sidebar etc etc.
And for the comments system, I have a custom theme that uses the comments system for reviews, so it has to leave native comments intact - sounds ok on that front.
Looks like nice software, just no good for me if it’s a silo.

(James Milligan) #6

Ah right, I assumed you were looking to keep them separate. If you want to hook in with Wordpress, see here:

For theming, that’s definitely achievable, take a look at the “Customise” tab in the admin panel. You can add/remove/change a lot of things in Discourse.

(Brian) #7

SSO would be essential.
I think you misunderstand what I mean about the header and sidebar. I mean that the only way I ever heard of installing a separate subdomain product into a directory path, was to use a WP subsite on a multisite server, in folder mode.
And then try and hack together two sites so that it looks like one to the end user.

Even if it’s possible to install it directly into a folder before, from the link you sent it’s not really supported and a bit too much of a wild west approach for me - we all have our own acceptable levels of risk for production sites, and it exceeds mine.
It does seem weird that there is such resistance to embedding it.

(James Milligan) #8

In that case it looks like the only issue you have is embedding Discourse within your main site structure/theme. Depending on your site’s size, you might want to put together a budget + spec and post over in the marketplace

The subfolder issue will probably remain though, and I agree with not wanting to run a (currently) unsupported configuration on a production site.

(Brian) #9

As much as I like what I have seen of Discourse, if was going to pay something I would just get something like Muut with fully supported embedding and SSO.
I will probably just fall back to bbpress for now, I am sure something embedded with SSO will come up in the future.