Trust level discrepancy

(Sebastian) #1

Hi there.
So my own user (Admin) in my own instance is currently a basic user (TL1) according to my user profile and also according to the admin dashboard.
However, if I click “admin user”, I see a button “TL3 requirements”, which looks like I am close to TL3, so I am asking myself what about TL2? Is there something I am not getting here?

Because in generel, I think this kind of progress report is pretty darn cool:

<img src="//" width=“403” height="500"a

(Neil Lalonde) #2

You can only go from TL2 to TL3. You haven’t qualified for TL2 yet, so just give it time.

(Sebastian) #3

I understand that, but either the UI should then offer info on progress to the next TL or two both TLs, right? This is what confused me. Why show an elaborate table for a trust level that’s not even the next one? :wink:

(Neil Lalonde) #4

It doesn’t normally show that button on TL1 and TL0 users. I’m guessing it’s because you’re looking at an admin account, or your own account?

(Sebastian) #5

Yes I am talking about my own account

(Kane York) #6

Note that it doesn’t actually matter, being an admin gives you all privileges.

That said, TL2 can only be achieved when the forum is at least 15 days old, and TL3 can only be achieved when the forum is at least 50 days old.

(Karl) #7

This confused me to.

When displayed, Trust levels start 0 so internally I’m trust level 2 by being at the displayed level ‘1 - basic user’ when the admin UI says what i need to reach ‘Trust level 3 requirements’.

I’m not sure how involved it would be to change the usual displayed trust level to start at 1 instead of 0, or if its even desirable from the Discourse POV. Assuming that it isn’t, the ‘Trust Level 3 Requirements’ button is where this would need to be fixed - presumably to say something like ‘2 - member Requirements’ instead.


(Jeff Atwood) #8

It is a zero-based method of counting. Trust level zero means we don’t trust you as a new user.

(Karl) #9

OK, thats fair enough and explains the disconnect but doesn’t solve it. Would discourse be open to changing the button to refer to the next trust level as displayed to the user rather than its internal level?


(Jeff Atwood) #10

What button are you referring to? These numbers are never visible to users, only staff. Trust levels have names, not just numbers.

(Karl) #11

I am referring to “Trust Level 3 Requirements” from the admin view of a users profile. It would be more consistent and reduce confusion if the number given there matched the drop down (in my case ‘1 - basic user’).


(cpradio) #12

What version of Discourse are you running? On latest, I can’t recreate that screenshot. I don’t see the TL 3 requirements button when the user’s trust level is 1. I only see it when it is 2…

(Mittineague) #13

I see similar on my localhost for the seeded eviltrout account.

My “eviltrout” is in the Groups
trust_level_0, admins, staff, trust_level_1

I suspect the Trust Level 3 Requirements is there because of being admin / staff , whether or not it should be is debatable.

Somewhat odd, when I go to the page the menu has Trust Level 2 even though my “eviltrout” is not in that Group.

(Karl) #14

We are on a discourse hosted install.
<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 1.7.0.beta5 - version 674264726d80734acfd78b58af594594da9b73ae">

When I visit with an administrative account (user preferences -> hit admin button) the image in my (and @sebastianh’s) posts can be seen there.

The groups I’m in are “admins, staff, trust_level_0, trust_level_1” which seems consistent with the previous post.

(cpradio) #15

Okay, so long as the user you are viewing is staff, that button appears. I imagine it is to help those watching a staff to see how close they are to meeting TL 3 requirements, that way you have an idea of whether those metrics are too high (as if your staff can’t meet TL 3, what chance do your members have?)

I’m not sure I understand the discrepancy part though. As that button is only telling you how close they are meeting the TL 3 requirements, it isn’t assuming they are TL 2. You are definitely still TL 1 in the screenshot. So you would have to get to TL 2 before those TL 3 requirements fully kick in though.

(Karl) #16

That brings us back to this post from before:

(Mittineague) #17

Yes, as in the same post you quoted