Trust level incrementation message grammar

User sees:
We’ve promoted you up a trust level !

We invite you to keep getting involved – we enjoy having you around.

The first line is rendered as:

We’ve promoted you up a trust level 1!

The user thinks, “OK, maybe it is saying, in broken English, that I am now at Trust Level 1.”

The 1 that is appearing after the link is added by the Discourse click counting functionality. It indicates that the link has been clicked one time. When the user first sees the notification, the 1 should not be present in the text, as the link has not yet been clicked. Note that I clicked the link in your post and it’s now showing We’ve promoted you up a trust level 2!.

Are you finding that this is confusing users?


You bet it is confusing.
E.g., “Dear former Vice President.
You have now been promoted to President.
Please pack your belongings and prepare for the move that will happen on

OK, that is all great, but has nothing to do with click numbers, I hope.

Therefore whatever click number counter needs to be moved farther away.

Anyway, I bet one’s grandma wouldn’t understand this interface. So it
needs more user testing.