Trust Level problems with locking, unlocking, auto assigning, etc

I am using version v2.0.0.beta1 +292.
I have manually created a group that adds members with a specific mail address domain. I also set this group’s settings to grant trust level 4 (TL4) to all members automatically. Now things have changed and I need to remove TL4 from these people and set their trust level to automatic as a normal member. While I manage to manually remove them from TL4, their profile page still show TL4. But when I go to the admin panel and look at the members of TL4, they do not show up there. Also locking these members to a lower TL4, then unlocking still does not fix this. In addition, whenever I lock a member to TL3, only here “unlock trust level” button appears, on other trust levels I can only see “lock trust level” button. This really messed up trust levels for these users.

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to admin panel -> groups, create a custom group, set an email domain for this group and set automatic trust level to TL4. Save. Refresh to see the members list populated (make it so that only a few users are added).
  2. Now remove the automatic trust level assignment and save. Notice that the members are still in the group.
  3. Now go to automatic groups and click TL4. You can see that you still have the previous users as members.
  4. Click a user (non-admin & non-moderator preferable). On their profile page you can see that they have TL4.
  5. Manually set their trust level to a lower value, like TL3 and click the checkbox to save your setting. Now things might work a bit different for you, in my case at some trust levels I could see the “lock trust level” button, but on one trust level only “unlock trust level” button.
  6. Now click the “unlock trust level” button (the correct one, look at bullet #5) and when the page refreshes you can see the user has now TL4 (which cannot be automatically granted to users at this point since you already disabled this setting in the custom group settings).
  7. Going to groups -> automatic and clicking TL4, you can see actually the user is not a member of TL4 anymore.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.