Trust level promotion/requirement/qualification strings

(Marco) #1

The following server string is not clear (to me):

User must not have had more than x posts flagged by x different users in the last 100 days to qualify for promotion to trust level 3, where x is this setting’s value. (0 or higher)

I don’t know how to translate it.

x posts from x users? So the setting affects both users and posts?
Or is it supposed to be

x posts from y users

where the setting is just the x?

Also the strings are not always consistent when referring to trust level requirement/qualification.

Sometimes it says:

[…] to qualify for trust level 3.

Other times:

[…] to qualify for promotion to

Other times:

[…] How many topics a new user must enter before promotion to trust level 1.

(Sam Saffron) #2

I think our base copy needs to be amended here.

The idea is that X is the distinct number of users that flagged your posts.

So if 20 user flagged 56 of your posts it would count as 20.