Trying to build a loyal user-base with rewards

(SketchUp Community Manager) #1

I want to make some “power user” badges, so as they participate more, they move up the “ranks” with badges. Each badge will come with perks and sometimes free swag…etc. One of the things the power user could be rewarded with is becoming a beta user for us. Is there any way that Discourse can suggest users that I should consider and/or automatically apply badges? I do not know how to do SQL.

If anyone else has built similar programs, I would be interested to learn more.

Also, is there any Discourse functionality where you can “follow” someones profile. Similar to adding as a friend?

Any help would be appreciated, as well as suggestions/work arounds. Thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no follow ability at this time.

I suggest looking at the trust level designations in the dashboard, click through to see all trust level 2 and 3 users. That is strong participation and it is the principal thing we measure for trust in Discourse.

You can also export the user list via Admin, Users, Export to drill into stats like who has the most likes, the most posts, the most read time, etcetera. I would start with that to experiment with and get a sense of what you are looking for.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Can you expand with some specifics here, what kind of criteria are you looking at?

For example: Badges such as “Received 100 likes from at least 20 users” are totally doable. A plugin could automatically assign users with that badge to a group.

Thinking of this a bit more I think a group that gets membership directly from a badge could be useful for quite a few cases.

(SketchUp Community Manager) #4

We ended up just re-doing the trust levels. I appreciate the follow up. Also, I did not know how to write SQL so I just worked with what I got.